About Roxane Marenberg

A global compliance and corporate governance executive based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Roxane Marenberg serves as a vice president and deputy general counsel with Cisco Systems, Inc., one of the most prominent technology companies in Silicon Valley. As an organizational leader with Cisco, she lends support to a number of key teams, including Cisco compliance investigations, brand protection, ethics and integrity, and strategy and operations. Roxane Marenberg spearheads all global legal and regulatory compliance efforts and conducts regular oversight of existing compliance programs at the company.

As a leader in the Global Compliance Enablement division of Cisco Systems, Roxane Marenberg oversees all investigations of incidents ranging from breaches of the COBC, allegations of fraud, financial irregularities,to service abuse fraud and product diversion. She also works closely with C-suite executives and the Cisco Audit Committee, advising them on important matters and helping them mitigate regulatory and legal risks. Above all, Roxane Marenberg works to manage legal risk while helping the company achieve its business objectives.

Before becoming a vice president with Cisco, Roxane Marenberg spent eight years with the company as a director and then senior director of employment law, ethics and employee relations. Named the Best Labor and Employment Lawyer in 2010 by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal, she oversaw all labor and employment matters for the company.

Ms. Marenberg holds a JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law and an LLM from American University’s Washington College of Law.


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