San Francisco Conference Offers International Employment Law Insight

International Employment Law pic On September 12, 2014, the Labor and Employment Law Section of The Bar Association of San Francisco hosted the International Employment Law Conference. Held at the bar association headquarters on Battery Street and sponsored by inventus, the event offered seven and one-half hours of continuing legal education credit and began with a session entitled, Up in the Air, which covered crucial factors for U.S. companies to consider before sending their employees to work overseas, including issues of documentation, taxes and benefits, and termination. The event’s panel on legal protections and compliance issues as applied to international whistleblowers offered information on global concerns for global operations, as well as updates to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Its featured speakers included Thad Guyer of the Government Accountability Project, SEC staff attorney Carlos Vasquez, and Roxane Marenberg, vice president of the compliance governance office and legal services at Cisco Systems.

Offering guidance targeted at business operations in specific international regions, the International Employment Law Conference also presented Mergers and Acquisitions in the EU. The event concluded with a segment, led by Penningtons Manches partner Chris Syder, dedicated to international labor standards. The London employment law professional explored the purpose and guidelines of the International Labour Organization, including such pertinent regulatory topics as forced labor and human trafficking.