Consero Presents San Jose Corporate Compliance and Ethics Forum

Consero pic With continuously shifting market trends related to risk, regulations, and enforcement, chief compliance officers serve an increasingly valuable role within both large and small organizations. While originally focused on reactionary strategies, corporate compliance departments have evolved to integrate preventive methods of risk identification, analysis, and mitigation. As compliance professionals aim to solve issues before they become significant complications, ongoing professional education remains a crucial asset.

From December 7 to 9 at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California, leading industry event management firm Consero hosted the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Forum. The event provided an opportunity for compliance professionals to gain insight into industry best practices and career development opportunities. Additionally, the forum offered insight into the growing expectations placed upon chief compliance officers. The forum’s discussion topics spanned effective technology integration within compliance programs, third-party agent compliance management, and compliance in middle management. The event also offered an in-depth exploration into several risk assessment methodologies in addition to a session exploring the future of corporate compliance led by such industry experts as Cisco compliance executive Roxane Marenberg.


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